Approach to Development

Our sports programs are designed to provide a comprehensive developmental and competitive experience for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

MovementAgilityGame Basics
Our EXPLORE programs focus on the most fundamental skills , with an emphasis on body movement and agility. Athletes learn the basics of the game and begin their lifelong love for the game.
Game BasicsMaximize TouchesDeepen Experience
The LEARN programs at The St. James focus on building fundamentals through repetition and increasing an athlete's "touches." Athletes deepen their understanding of the game and become more experienced and comfortable in game scenarios.
Specific SkillsTechnical SkillsGet Game Ready
Our DEVELOP programs take the foundational skills developed in earlier phases to continue the athlete's development with a focus on specific physical and technical skills. Athletes begin to get "game-ready" through the use of scrimmages and simulated game scenarios.
Increase Technical SkillTactical AwarenessApply Advanced TechniquesCompete with Discipline
COMPETE programs push athletes to increase technical skill and tactical awareness. Trainings and competitive play teach athletes to apply advanced techniques and compete with a high degree of skill and discipline.
High Performance
Train Like a ProPeak Condition Technically, Tactically and Mentally
You don't have to be a pro to train like one. The HIGH PERFORMANCE programs at The St. James utilize the latest techniques in strength, conditioning and performance to help each athlete get the most out of their performance.
Lifetime engagement
Seek New ChallengesDeepen (or Rediscover) Love of the Game
The passion never ends at The St. James. Our LIFETIME ENGAGEMENT opportunities provide athletes with new sports and challenges to explore. Deepen or rediscover your love of sport through our adult leagues, teams and active fun opportunities.