Elite Sports Camps

These five day camps are designed to provide each camper with expert instruction, improve individual technical skill and introduce advanced team concepts. Instructors will prepare each camper for greatness in an environment that is challenging, fun and builds confidence.


Learn what it takes to ball with the best
Designed to help players reach their ultimate potential, this five day camp will focus on skill development, team concepts and game IQ. Led by expert coaches, players will experience top-level training and individual analysis to take their game to the next level


From the defensive area to the attack; it's lax for all levels
Train. Compete. Improve. Our expert coaches will guide players through technical and tactical work, position-specific training and overall game concepts. This camp is perfect for players looking to further develop their skills, challenge themselves daily and dominate the next tryout.


This summer is all about making the play
Whether you are an experienced football player or just starting the game, our football camp is an experience you won’t want to miss. Athletes learn from outstanding coaches selected for their ability to coach and teach the game. Players will learn individual and team techniques on both offense and defense. The veteran coaching staff will progressively teach techniques that best benefit each player.

Dance, Gymnastics, & Skating

Get into the rhythm of self-expression on the floor or on the ice
This combination camp experience offers students the opportunity to push their physical limits, develop new skills and gain confidence. Led by our top-level instructors in each discipline, campers of all abilities will have the experience of a lifetime.


It's a face off between campers and their goals. Get ready for some dynamic play on the ice
If you’re serious about improving your game, you’ve come to the right place. This 5-day camp offers athletes the chance to develop and enhance their skills in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our professional instructors are here to help make each player better in a fun and competitive environment.


Gain the technique and agility for the world's most popular sport
Tactics. Skills. Competitive Competence. At The St. James Soccer camp, our professional instructors will utilize modern methodologies to provide a unique soccer education for each player. We are committed to providing the most inclusive youth soccer camp training, including position-specific, strategic, physical and mental training, in an encouraging learning environment so that athletes can make the most of their camp experience!


Let's ace the summer on the volleyball court
At The St. James, our goal is to help athletes achieve their best! Our volleyball camps are designed to improve individual and team skills in a challenging and fun environment. Available to players of all abilities, our expert instructors will help guide young athletes through intensive training sessions and elevate their game.