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Ice Skating

Bunny hops and Biellmann spins. Swizzles, twizzles and triple Axels. Achieve it all on the ice at The St. James, where we tailor our skater-centric program to your ambitions and abilities. From first skate through the moment they reach their goals, children and adults revel in the joy of learning and the thrill of training.

The St. James’s ice skating program features:

A state-of-the-art, twin rink facility and dry-land skills center with skating treadmill and spin equipment
Group instruction in 11 skating disciplines, incorporating a variety of approaches, including plyometrics and ballet
Educational sessions focused on warm-up routines, stretching, boot and blade education, good eating habits, positive thinking and more
Instructional events with certified judges and technical specialists
Training sessions six days a week

Excellence for All Ages

We’ve designed our program so skaters of all ages can learn proper technique and improve their fitness, balance and coordination.

Learn-to-Skate Juniors (ages 3–6) introduces skating in a safe, encouraging environment that develops the preliminary coordination and strength needed to move on the ice
My Buddy and Me (ages 3–6) is for beginning skaters who need support on the ice from an adult. Skills covered include sitting and standing in skates, marching in place, marching forward and dipping in place.
Learn-to-Skate School Age Program (ages 6–14) focuses on safety and fun through creative games and obstacle courses—making class time an enjoyable experience while developing technical skills.
Collegiate and AdultProgram (ages 15+) encompasses a wide range of classes, camps and competitions for new skaters and seasoned veterans alike. Join our morning Coffee Club or lunchtime public skating sessions, train to compete in U.S. Figure Skating competitions or simply enjoy the freedom of the ice during open skates.