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Get a grip. Dominate the T. Answer the shot—and the call. Set your squash sights higher, here at The St. James.

Whether you’re a busy professional looking for round-robin action, an aspiring collegiate seeking national recognition, or a parent who wants to bring excitement and skill to your youngster, we’ve got you covered. The St. James has it all:

Eight world-class squash courts
A high-performance training center for strength, agility and conditioning
An internationally ranked coaching staff to bring out your best
Co-ed clinics for preschool through high school
In-house leagues for mixed match play
Private instruction to build strategy and skills
Tournaments and events that emphasize speed and fun

Elevate your game. Hone your strategy. Speed your reaction time. Whether you’re a shot-maker, power player, killer retriever or take-no-prisoners attritionist, you’ll find the squash experience you crave at The St. James.